Kingdome - glam-camping accommodation units

Kingdome accommodation units are geodesic domes with 40m2 of living space. The beauty is that you can put one up wherever you choose.
Attested for the harshest of conditions, Kingdome provides unparalleled camping comforts.
Every dome comes with an optional kitchen, bathroom, even a separate bedroom on the upper level.

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Plug and play luxury

Prefabricated with all the power and water connections, Kingdome is a plug and play glamping solution - all you have to do is show us the location and we'll come and set it up.

Finally you can experience the great outdoors with comforts of a luxury suite:


Modern and minimalist fully equipped bathroom with a shower can either have solar panels heating your water or you can just connect it to the grid at a location of your choosing.
Deep in a lush forest, on a mountain peak or a deserted island, take your pick.


Fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, induction hot plate, microwave and a fridge, even an extractor hood is ready for those perfect al fresco dinners you prepare yourself (or sushi you've had flown in fresh from a restaurant).


You choose, just one, comfortable king size bed for a romantic outdoor getaway or two bedroom Kingdome setup, with another level added to your dome, with two more beds - perfect for families or double dates.

Capitalize on the rising demand for the great outdoors experiences - provide a high level of comfort for your guests.

Where can you put Kingdome?

Anywhere. Developed by a company with more than a decade of experience building event and music festival stage constructions, Kingdome can withstand a lot:

  • Winds up to 130 kmh,

  • 10 tons of snow on the roof surface

  • 2 tons of equipment fixed onto the construction from the inside.

You can set it up on almost any place on Earth and enjoy your stay.

We are currently testing a fully self-sustainable unit on a deserted island of Mišjak in the Adriatic.

Want to own a Kingdome?

Kingdome is a complete solution for your company's glamping needs. Give us the desired location and we'll provide you with technical documentation and help you build them at any location of your choosing.

As prefabricated accommodation units Kingdomes require no building permits and come with a 7-year guarantee for the outer shell and life-long guarantee on the construction.

At present we can offer 4 types of Kingdomes:

  • Kingdome Basic - we just put together a dome at a desired location
  • Kingdome Living - equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and partitioning walls
  • Kingdome Family - equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, partitioning walls and the upper floor with 2 extra beds.
  • Kingdome Lux - fully equipped and furnished kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms.


Get Kingdome up at your camp

If you already own a fully equipped camp with all the connections, you can set up Kingdome accommodation units in a few days.

We provide the technical documentation and assistance in assembly


Ready to pitch luxury to your guests?
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